Tuesday, July 12, 2016

6 Reasons to Install a Glass Shower Door

When you are planning a bathroom renovation, consider installing a glass shower screen. A glass shower door can make such a dramatic difference in your bathroom space. It gives the room a modern appearance, is easy to clean and durable. If you are thinking of getting a glass shower door installed in your home, consider the following benefits. Here are 6 good reasons why you need to consider replacing your shower curtain with a glass door.


When it comes to glass shower doors, you have lots of options to choose from. You can choose between a frameless or framed door depending on the look you prefer. There are also different types of door finishing to choose from such as tinting, frosting and etching if you want to add privacy and give the shower area a unique look. When it comes to hardware, glass doors give you lots of choices. You will have different light fixtures and faucets to choose from.

Boost property value

Glass shower doors are very desirable to property owners. They help to create elegance and are a more durable option compared to shower curtains. If you are planning to place your home in the market in a few years, this new installation can realty help to boost its value and entice any potential buyers.

Easy to maintain

Glass shower doors are very easy to clean and maintain. You have access to the entire glass pane so you can wipe it clean as often as you like. No need to remove it like shower curtains which have to be removed in order to be cleaned.

Long lasting

You can install a glass shower door that is resistant to shatter and scratch. If well maintained, the glass door can last for many years without the need for replacement. Most glass door manufacturers even offer a warranty to give you an idea of how durable the material is. Expect the glass itself to last longer than any frame or hardware that is used during installation.

Easy to customize

Glass shower doors are most ideal for modern homes because they are easy to customize. If you are looking for a specific size and design, a contractor can help you install the exact type of shower screen that’s perfect for your space. The material itself is ideal for creating shower doors in tight or awkward spaces. Glass doors can have irregular shapes and still fit seamlessly in any home design. A glass door can be the perfect solution to creating a customized look in your modern bathroom.

A polished and sleek look
Glass doors tend to give a room that polished and appealing look that every homeowner desires. Because glass is very clear, it makes other design elements in the bathrooms to pop and come to life. It can also create the illusion of a much larger bathroom space. Glass opens up the room in ways you never imagined possible. Combined with proper hardware and flooring, glass shower doors can make the bathroom space look brand new.

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